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Room Key Deposit refunded when returned to GK office or check/credit card credit slip will be mailed if keys are put into Drop Box.No Refunds- All Payments Are Finals- Except Key Deposit.

Rooms are not held until we receive Payment in full-you must arrange for Room Key pick up.

Bedding is changed after the 3rd day of usage. If you have any problem or need fresh towels, wash cloths, Soap, shampoo, etc. call Gold Key Security 24/7 and ask them to call lodge director. Any Room damage will incur repair or replacement costs. These fees will charged to your credit or added to the Dues Account of the GK Resident that booked the room.

Mail Checks to : Gold Key Lodge 2000 Gold key Ed. Milford, PA 188337 Ph. 570 686-3811

Make checks payable to : Gold Key Country club , Inc Fax : 570 686-3857

Lodge rooms entrance is from the lake side of the deck. Please lock the door when you enter for security purpose. There is free local phone at the top of the stairs. You can emergency exit from the stairway you entered from and there is also another emergency at the far end of the floor your room is located on.

Gold Key Security is 686 -3636 24/7.

If you need the Police, Fire Department ,or for a Medical Emergency Call 911. Tell them you are in the Gold Key Lodge 2nd floor/room # at the Community Building on Gold Key Rd.