Private Party Rentals


INTRODUCTION: All Gold Key facilities and amenities are for the use of Gold Key Country Club or its individual members as outlined below. Any use not described requires the approval of the Board of Directors.

BADGES: Current Member & Guest Badges must be worn when using all GKCC amenities including the deck, beach area, picnic grounds, south beach, the ball field, adult lounge and recreation room, the firehouse, and tennis courts (RR
Sec B Art 16). Visitors must display a GK Visitors pass on their car issued in advance at the office prior to the event.

RESPONSIBILITY: Members are responsible for their guests and parents/guardians are responsible for their children using all GKCC property, the beach and amenities.

RESERVATIONS & PAYMENT: Member reservations are to be made with the Administration Office during hours; and payment at the Administration office once reservation is confirmed.

SECURITY DEPOSIT: Rental of any Gold Key facility requires a security deposit to cover any damage or clean-up that is required. If damages exceed the deposit amount, members will have their accounts charged accordingly. The reserving
member of record must be physically present at all times of the event, excluding lodge room rentals.


The picnic grounds at South Beach, the Main Beach, Misty Cove, and Dog Park are available to the members and their guests without reservation and at no charge on a first-come basis 9am-10pm.

The Pavilion will be available for rental after for a fee of $100.00 for each six hours of use.

The Deck is available to all members on a first-come basis without cost and is open 9am-11pm. Members may bring their own food if they like. The restaurant may serve members on the deck if requested by the member. No “holding
tables” is permitted at any time. GKCC has exclusive use of the deck for all GKCC events except as provided below.

The Adult Lounge is available at no charge for members and groups of members (i.e. card players, ladies’ night, yoga, etc.) The Adult Lounge is for adult members use only.
Members may reserve the Adult Lounge for private parties as follows:

  1. The Adult Lounge may be rented for a six (6) hour period for a fee of $100.00.
  2. Food is allowed in the Adult Lounge.
  3. Rental period includes all set-up and tear-down of the room. No decorations are allowed to be hung from the ceiling or taped/stapled to the walls.

The firehouse is available for rental by Members in good standing when it is not scheduled for GKCC events. The rental fee is $200.00; with an additional charge of $50 for use of the special lights package, for a total of six (6) hours. A deposit of $200 for any damage or proper clean-up not being performed is also required at the time of rental.

Rental per room per night is $85 plus tax. If rented for 2 nights, (2 nights paid in full) then the guest may stay an additional night at no charge.