Seasonal Dumpster Service

2024 Dates

Dumpster service starts on May 18th and runs through the beginning of October (specific dates to be announced).

Hours are between 7:00am and 8:00am.  Residents (in good standing) must purchase a voucher from the Administration Office between Monday and Friday.  Vouchers will not be sold the same day at the maintenance yard.  All items are to be placed in the dumpster by the resident.

Allowable items

  • Household debris (ex. carpeting, old toys, etc.)
  • Limited amounts of construction debris
  • Appliances (ex. stoves, washing machines, water heaters, microwaves, etc.)
  • Tires with or without rims (at an extra cost)

Prohibited items

  • Metal and Electronics. Note: there is a separate e-waste collection day, which does take these items.
  • Household garbage that is picked by the Sanitation Company
  • Propane tanks, fuel tanks or containers
  • Refrigerator, Air Conditioners (any appliance containing Freon)
  • Excessive amounts of construction material
  • Hazardous materials; (ex. vehicle oil, paint cans)
  • No contractors refuse, materials, etc.


Small SUV$40
Large SUV$50
Small Pickup$40
Trailer 12ft and under$45
Trailer over 12ft$65

Additional fees

  • Tires without rims: $10
  • Tires with rims: $20